Aime Leon Dore x New Balance 650

In 2022, vintage is in — so much so that if you buy a new pair of white sneakers, you want to rub a little dirt on them just to make them look a few years older.

Luckily, Aimé Leon Dore and New Balance made sneakers that perfectly achieve that highly coveted vintage effect straight out of the box. The sneaker comes in the same four colorways from their previous collaboration, with an off-white upper and a second accent color to match classic sports uniforms.

Due to the massive success of their previous partnership, this sneaker was highly anticipated, and the brands rose to the occasion. They’ve officially become the master duo of old-school basketball shoes.

A higher-end label based out of New York, Aimé Leon Dore makes timeless pieces that combine streetwear with sportswear. The streetwear brand has become so close with New Balance that its founder Teddy Santis joined New Balance as creative director of their Made in USA Label. 

Making this sneaker with New Balance gives Aimé Leon Dore more authority in the sportswear space — it’s doubtful that they could have made such a cool and functional sneaker without the athletic expertise that New Balance brings to the table.

New Balance also couldn’t have done it without Aimé Leon Dore. Up until recently, New Balance has been the go-to dad sneaker. But through collaborations and new creative leadership, not only have they made dad sneakers highly desirable, but they’ve also mastered the vintage sportswear aesthetic that is honestly always in style. 

This collaboration works well because both brands leverage each other's strengths to master a category of sneaker that their shared customers love.