Balenciaga x Adidas

Before the pandemic, athletic clothing was typically reserved for, you know, athletic things. During quarantine, baggy tees and sweats (rightfully) became the norm. Today, we’re resuming normal activities, but the dress code will never be the same. 

You can now find hoodies and sneakers in nearly every setting, from the office to the runway. Case in point: Balenciaga x Adidas.

This collection features sporty staples with a high-fashion flare. Each piece is a perfectly equal mashup of the brands’ signature designs: we see the iconic Adidas tri-stripe paired with Balenciaga's dramatic silhouettes, including chunky sneakers, billowy tracksuits, and slouchy tees.

The models in the show look so comfortable, you might be tempted to build a whole new wardrobe of just athleticwear. And in fact, Google searches for tracksuits increased by 138% after the show. 

But it’s not the actual pieces that spurred this excitement — it’s the brands themselves, and the fact that they did it together. The adidas tracksuit has been around for ages, but it’s been almost exclusively worn by, you know, actual athletes. 

Partnering with brands like Gucci, Prada, and Balenciaga has allowed Adidas to reap the benefits of a luxury label without actually becoming one. This way, they can be aspirational while remaining accessible to their target market. 

Balenciaga also stands to gain from this collaboration. Adidas offers luxury brands something that they desperately need: authenticity. Most people wouldn’t do a lap in a Balenciaga outfit, but the Adidas tri-stripe makes you want to move just by association.

It’s unlikely that either brand would have driven this much excitement as a solo endeavor. But pair Balenciaga’s edgy reputation with Adidas’ authority in sportswear, and suddenly, everyone’s wearing a tracksuit.