COMME Des GARCONS x Converse

In the last decade, there’s a good chance you’ve seen that adorable, big-eyed heart logo peeking out of someone’s shirt pocket, tote bag, or sneakers. Most people have no idea that it belongs to the renowned designer brand COMME des GARCONS. 

This French-named brand was created by Japanese artist Rei Kawakubo, one of the most prominent fashion designers of all time. Rei is known for challenging the fashion industry with her eclectic, avant-garde designs.

The heart logo comes from her PLAY collection, which has become incredibly popular among audiences of all kinds  — especially young people. The logo was actually made as a first draft, but we’ll call it a happy accident because it became one of the most iconic logos of the 2010’s.

In fact, the imperfect lines are part of what makes the logo so appealing — it brings up those playful memories of doodling as a kid. That’s why it’s the perfect design for Converse sneakers, which have been a youthful wardrobe staple for decades. 

Many of us remember squeaking down the hallway in our first brand-new pair of Converse, which would be worn and loved for many years to come (let's be honest, Converse look great even when they’re beat up and dirty.)

Putting this adorable heart logo on these sneakers is genius because it amplifies the inherent nostalgia of Converse, but it appeals to audiences of all ages. Young people like it because it’s a simple design that can go with any outfit, but unique enough to help you stand out from the crowd. The design also appeals to more sophisticated audiences that wear Converse as a way to tone down dressier looks. 

This collaboration elevates Converse, and it’s a great way to expose COMME des GARCONS to more people (and make them Google where the heart with eyes logo comes from). 

Because it’s reached so many audiences, this shoe has been remade year after year since its release in 2015. That’s the mark of a successful collaboration — it gets customers of both brands excited, and it never goes out of style.