Dunkin’ x Puma

Take one look at the Dunkin’ x Puma sneakers and you’ll suddenly feel yourself craving the taste of an overly-sweetened iced latte. If you've ever been to New England, there’s no way you wouldn’t recognize the coffee chain’s signature pink and orange color scheme.

These sneakers were created for Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee Day, an annual celebration in which 100% of the funds earned by Dunkin’ franchises are donated to local children’s hospitals across the country.

It’s the perfect day for a collaboration — a subtle (ish) way to highlight that both brands do good deeds. 

The collection includes two pairs of sneakers that blend Puma’s athletic style with Dunkin’s playful motifs. Making two was a great choice: customers that prefer a more subtle look can go for the white tennis shoes, while those who aren’t ashamed of their Dunkin’ obsession can opt for the bold basketball sneakers.

Teaming up with Dunkin’ was a great way help Puma catch up to their competitors who are particularly skilled at collaboration ( *cough* Nike and Adidas). It’s exciting for Puma because the bright colors are a deviation from their typical edgy style, yet they fit the retro sportswear aesthetic that is super popular right now.

This collaboration also helped Dunkin’ engage with customers who aren’t on the East Coast. Plus, we’re convinced that they wanted a product to back up the claim that America runs on Dunkin’ — and they certainly achieved that.  

All in all, this collaboration was a fun way to shine light on both brands and win the hearts of sports fans across the country.