Fendi x Versace

Fendi x Versace (Fendace) is like trading Croc backs with your BFF, only a lot more glamorous. In the spirit of friendship, these brands swapped designers — Donatella Versace designed a collection for Fendi, and Kim Jones designed a collection for Versace.

The Versace by Fendi collection included structured pieces with Versace’s golden baroque prints and elegant dresses stitched with Versace safety pins. Kim balanced Versace's allure with Fendi’s classic silhouettes.  

The Fendi by Versace collection re-imagined Fendi’s vintage ready-to-wear line in the dramatic Versace way, with shimmery gowns, 70's-inspired pantsuits, colorful headscarves, and miniature golden bags (the most iconic Fendi accessory). Donatella complimented Fendi’s powerful presence with flirty details from head to toe.  

Some brands interpret ‘collaboration’ as slapping a logo on a partner’s product and calling it a day. This was not that. 

Each brand made it their mission to understand their partner’s unique qualities and incorporate them into every piece. As a result, the shared audience gets two fabulous collections that allow them to appreciate each designer’s artwork in a totally new way. 

While both collections are a feast for the eyes, the main reason this swap worked so well is because of the energy that both brands brought to the table. As the designers stated, the swap was born from the “spirit of love, respect, and admiration for each other,” and it certainly showed.  

The audience loved this message because it made the swap feel less like a marketing tactic, and more like a genuine insight into the (typically secretive) creative process. Because luxury brands are so protective over their claimed styles, they seldom share their ideas with customers, let alone other designers. 

But sharing is caring, and the wholesome spirit behind Fendace makes every sequin sparkle even brighter. Fendace creates the kind of magic that we want all collaborations to achieve.