Louis Vuitton x Supreme

Skateboards are cool, but what about a cherry-red Supreme skateboard that’s covered in Louis Vuitton blossoms and comes with a matching trunk-style carrying case?

“Cool” doesn’t even begin to cut it. 

In 2017, Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaborated on a collection that turned streetwear on its head. The style previously reserved for Los Angeles skaters and New York hipsters is now influencing fashion all over the world. 

Part of what made this collaboration so revolutionary was the fact that it took fans by complete surprise. While Supreme is no stranger to logo-sharing, Louis Vuitton takes it very seriously. In 2000, Louis Vuitton threatened to sue Supreme for mimicking the trademarked “LV” monogram they fought tooth and nail to protect.

After the logo incident, Supreme went on to  partner with countless big-name brands and quickly dominated the urban menswear space. At some point, Louis Vuitton must have realized that they needed Supreme in order to keep up with the times.

They made the right choice. Supreme’s signature red paired with Louis Vuitton’s luxury blossoms makes clothing and accessories that are breathtakingly cool — and not “too cool for school,” but cool in the aspirational sense. The collection is bold. It’s confident. It’s utterly unmatched. 

And it’s the perfect collection to help Louis Vuitton reach younger audiences. By partnering with Supreme, Louis Vuitton gets to be part of the movement to democratize luxury fashion. Supreme delivers cultural nuances that make luxury more relevant to a generation that’s grown tired of designer labels. 

Teaming up with Louis Vuitton also helps Supreme establish authority in the high-end market. And since Supreme is the top global streetwear brand, this collaboration makes a very clear statement: streetwear is here to stay, and it deserves luxury recognition.

Collaborations aren’t just for hype — they’re also the best way to start a revolution.