Mint Mobile x Arizona Iced Tea Brand Collab

The Main takeaway:

  • Make one point and make it well, with a simple collab

A Collab is worth a thousand words...and often really easy to pull off

When Mint Mobile wanted to advertise its commitment to keeping its monthly price at $15 they could have "told" customers, but instead used a simple collab to "show" them...and earned a ton of cred into the bargain.

The price of a can of Arizona Iced Tea hasn't changed in 30 years (who knew), 99c then and 99c now.

Mixing 2 parts humor to 1 part fact Ryan Reynolds and Arizona's founder Don Vultaggio explain how Mint is borrowing their "non-inflationary tea technology" to make the same promise real for Mint's customers.

Making the promise actually believable.

Only collabs can do this. Its elementary Show > Tell.

Watch the ad and note how easy this must have been to pull off.

No big production run of a new product, no years of planning, no big launch event.

 A simple idea; shared.

What did Arizona get out of it?

A free TV Ad, Street cred with a new audience...and a new product launch (watch to the end)

This is why I love collabs...and why we are working so hard to make collabs easier for your brand to conceive and execute.

What lessons can be learned for your collab?

First, collabs needn't be hard to pull off. Add them into your existing rhythm.

Second, a "customers are shared, not owned" mindset brings creative insight. Who already has credibility that we can share?

Third, this collab required zero operational execution to achieve the maximum impact. Nothing was bundled, nothing was required of the customer...a point they hilariously make on the end tag. 

Finally, collabs thrive on memorable simplicity. This collab makes one point, makes it well, and moves the brand message forward.

If it's time for your brand to begin its journey into collabs, then we can get you off the sidelines and into the game with confidence and commitment of a master.

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