Sailor Moon x Vans

If there is any TV series that belongs on Vans sneakers, it’s Sailor Moon. This anime show chronicles the action-adventures of teenage girls who band together to defend the galaxy with their magical powers. The images that just popped up in your head? The brands captured it — and more. 

The collection includes sneakers and apparel with dreamy colors, detailed character portraits, and action scenes from the series itself. Adding TV show graphics to a shoe is always a little risky, but Sailor Moon and Vans are the perfect partners to pull it off.

In the late 90’s, Sailor Moon was almost dropped from American TV, but their die-hard fan base petitioned to put the show back on air — and won. Today, Sailor Moon is more popular than ever before, and their current watchers are just as committed as the originals. Any audience that would start a war with the cable networks would most definitely buy the show’s sneakers. 

Vans is a great partner for Sailor Moon because they’ve mastered the art of themed apparel. They’ve partnered with all the shows and movies that have a cult following, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Stranger Things. Sailor Moon is a bit more niche than these series, but it shows that Vans is keeping up with the times. 

For Sailor Moon, partnering with Vans is a sign that they’ve made it. They’ve reached a level of popularity that warrants thematic paraphernalia on the level of Harry Potter — and that’s hard to achieve. 

At the end of the day, this apparel was made with the brands’ shared customers in mind, and collaborations that prioritize customer excitement are simply destined to succeed.