What Is A Collab?...And Why Do Brands Do Them?

The question we are most often asked is, "What is a Collab?". This video by Ben Schott on Bloomberg's Quick Take Channel gives a fantastic answer in a truly engaging format.

Brand x Brand collaborations break through the digital clutter, generating outsized impact in a marketing environment where attention is hard to get and even harder to keep.

Ben's video shows how and why, so sit back and take a fun joy ride through the world of collabs.

Once you've digested the video and want to hear more, Ben's January opinion piece on Bloomberg on which it is based is simply one of the best pieces of writing we've read on this fascinating world.

For our part, we believe that no one works harder to make creating impactful Brand x Brand collaborations easier for our clients.

For Brand x Brand to fully realize its potential for you it needs to become a strategic marketing pillar rather than a sporadic tactic. Executed more consistently, easily and predictably with a shorter, clearer through-line from exciting idea to concrete results.

We are here to make that a reality for you.

* This Bloomberg Quick Take video is for information and entertainment and isn't created by, or proprietary to Covalent in any way. It's just such a great explanation of the world as we see it, and adds to the "gaiety of collab nations". We felt we had to share it.